Download Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools provides a set of tools for photographers to perform various tasks with their images—including RAW captures. Now the latest version of Microsoft Pro Photo Tools has been released with some newly added features and improvements in performance.

New features include:
  • Support for reading & writing XMP side car metadata enabling interoperability with Adobe products.
  • Viewing actual RAW images, in addition to thumbnails
  • Conversion of RAW files to JPEG, TIFF, and HD Photo using “As Shot” camera settings.
  • The ability to resize RAW images.
  • Support for 64-bit Windows
  • Support for geotagging international locales
  • Improved functionality for geotagging images.
It is amazing how it can determine location name automatically, determine GPS coordinates from location name, identify location on a map, lets you view images on Windows Live Maps and even use Microsoft Virtual Earth for a 3D view of the image location. Download now (ProPhoto Tools.msi, 4.99 MB)
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