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Selain cara cara yang sebelumnya saya bahas namun telah di sediakannya tools gratis dari berbagai sumber untuk menunjang peningkatan trafik pada website atau blog anda. tidak ada salahnya anda coba. mungkin satu atau dua dan seterusnya. semuanya tergantung minat anda untuk meningkatkan trafik website anda. masing masing penjelasan dari tools tersebut bisa anda kunjungi langsung di tempat kejadian perkara.

berikut daftar tools untuk menikatkan trafik website anda :

  1. Keyword Rank Checker - Track your website’s ranking in Google, MSN and Yahoo!
  2. - Free URL Submitter to many Search Engine and directory submitter
  3. Google vs Yahoo Graph - Graphic display of top 50 in Google & Yahoo linked
  4. PageRank Lookup - check the PageRank for a website
  5. PageRank Verification - check if the displayed PageRank is real
  6. Yahoo! WebRank Checker - check your Yahoo WebRank without needing to install the Yahoo toolbar
  7. Google PageRank Prediction - check predicted PR of a site
  8. Page Strength Tool - quickly assess a site/page's relative importance and visibility
  9. Site Stats Tool - A quick snapshot of many indices of your website(s)
  10. Poodle Predictor - see what your site will look like in search-engine results
  11. Multi-Rank Checker - View your Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking in bulk
  12. PageRank Checker - View your Google PageRank on differnet Google servers
  13. PageRank for Mac - PageRank toolbar widget For Macintosh
  14. PulseRank - Tracks Ranking movement on Google for 1000 keywords
  15. Bookmark & Blog Search Check - Find your backlinks in the major bookmarking sites and blog search engines
  16. Reciprocal Link Check - check whether your link partners are linking back to your website
  17. Link Popularity Checker - a popularity score given to a website based on inbound links
  18. LinkPrice Lookup - check the price of your link
  19. Link Price Calculator - another tool for checking the price of links
  20. Link Checker - check your links to see if it’s still valid or not
  21. Link Verification Tool - regularly monitors text links, alerts you to problems
  22. Backlink Tracker - check search engines for the number of back links to any specific URL over time
  23. Backlink Summary - This tool will give you a summary of your competitors backlinks
  24. Xenu's Link Sleuth - Find broken links on web sites
  25. Link Popularity - checks the total number of web pages which link to a website
  26. Link Quality - Link popularity checker and link quality assessment
  27. Link Price Calculator - help to determine the approximate amount you should be paying (or charging) per month for a text link (ad) from each and every page of the specified website
  28. Site Link Analyzer - analyze a given web page and return a table of data containing columns of outbound links and their associated anchor text
  29. PayPerPost - Get quality contextual links though sponsored blog postings
  30. High Traffic Blog Advertising - get your article and links published across hundreds of blogs
  31. ReviewMe - Get your service or Web site reviewed by bloggers
  32. URL Rewriting - convert dynamic URLs into static looking HTML URLs
  33. Link Extractor - Extract links from a specific web page
  34. Link Shortener - shorten a web address
  35. Directory Lister - only submit your site to the highest quality directories
  36. Directory Search Tool - check if your website is on major directories
  37. Co-op Advertising Network - get text ads across 20,000+ sites
  38. Back Links Finder - Build relevant website back links
  39. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer - check link text used by your backlinks to Link to your wesbite
  40. Similar Page Checker - determine the percentage of similarity between two pages
  41. Keyword Verification - checks to see if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword
  42. Keyword Density Analyser - another SEO tools for keywords
  43. Indexed Pages Checker - find how many pages of your website have been indexed by Google, Yahoo,
    MSN, Alltheweb, Hotbot and AltaVista.
  44. Keyword Cloud - a visual representation of keywords used on a website
  45. Keyword Density - another SEO tool for checking keyword density
  46. Keyword Analysis - analyse keywords on your website in specific Google datacenters
  47. Keyword Data Miner - keyword search volume
  48. Keyword Playground - determine key phrases and report on their monthly search estimate
  49. Search Engine Saturation Tool - check the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain
  50. Keyword Difficulty Check - see how difficult it would be to rank for specific keywords or phrases
  51. Keyword Optimizer - optimizer your keywords with this tool
  52. Keyword Typo Generator - generate a list of suggestions for likely human misspellings and typos
  53. Comprehensive Typo Generator - generate more human misspellings and typos
  54. Keyword Suggestion - Find related keywords matching your search
  55. Another Keyword Suggection tool - suggest variations in WordTracker & Overture
  56. Keyword Domain Suggestion - suggest keyword rich domain names
  57. Free Keyword Research Tool - analyze the meta keywords of your competition
  58. XML-Sitemaps - Build your Site Map online (XML, ROR, Text, HTML)
  59. Gsitecrawler - Google (and Yahoo!) Sitemap Generator for Windows
  60. Validate XML Sitemap - Search Engine Optimizion Tool for validating your xml sitemaps
  61. Google Analytics - tells you everything about your visitors
  62. Google Backlinks Check - Check Google and 9 data centers for backward link updates
  63. Google Banned Checker - check whether a site is banned by Google or not
  64. Search Engine Bot Simulator - SEO Tool to simulate search engine parsing of webpages and display discovered links.
  65. Indexed pages - check the no. of indexed pages for your blog
  66. Spider Simulator - simulates a search engine by displaying the contents of a web page
  67. Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker - checks the exact HTTP headers that a web server is sending with an HTTP response.
  68. Search Engine Position - Locate your search listings on Google and Yahoo!
  69. Search Listings Preview - Preview your website on Google, MSN and Yahoo! Search
  70. HTML Encrypt - Hide your HTML source code
  71. HTML Optimizer - Optimize and clean your HTML source code
  72. HTTP Headers - Extract the HTTP Headers of a web page
  73. HTTP Headers Viewer - check HTTP headers for any specific URL
  74. Meta-tags Extractor - Extract meta-tags information from a web page
  75. Meta-tags Generator - Generate and configure your meta-tags
  76. META Analyzer - analyze a website’s meta tags
  77. Meta Tag Generator - help you to generate meta tags
  78. Meta Tag Optimization - Check your Title and Meta Tags for keyword optimization
  79. Source Code Viewer - View the source code of a page
  80. Alexa Traffic Rank - View and compare Alexa Ranking graphs
  81. Domain Age Tool - find out the age of your competitor’s domains
  82. Domain Stats Tool - get all kind of statistics of your competitor’s domains
  83. Domain Availability - Check the availability of domains
  84. Domain Look-up - Retrieve a range of information about a domain
  85. Domain Whois - Retrieve domain whois information
  86. Instant Domain Checker - Check the availability of domains instantly
  87. Reverse IP/Look-up - Resolve a host to an IP address
  88. Server Status - Check if your website is online or offline
  89. Website Speed Test - Find out how fast your website loads
  90. What Is My IP Address - shows your ip address
  91. Class C Checker - check if some sites are hosted on the same Class C IP Range
  92. IP to City - determine the Country, City, Latitude and Longitude of an IP Address
  93. Website to Country - determine the Country in which the specified website is Hosted
  94. Geo Visitors - detect where in the world visitors are coming from
  95. Statcounter - famous free web tracker
  96. Web Counter - very simple, free web counter
  97. HiStats - Free, real time updated web stats service
  98. Addfreestats - provide free website statistics
  99. FEED Validator - for Atom and RSS
  100. W3C Markup Validation Service - check for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards
  101. Browser Screen Resolution Checker - shows what your site looks like with different screen resolutions
Silahkan anda kunjungi sebagai referensi untuk meningkatkan trafik website anda.
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